Ciara Phelan is a Collage Illustrator and Textile Designer based in London. She specialises in mixing analogue and digital media both on screen and with a scalpel to create playful, colourful and dynamically composed illustrations. 

After studying Graphic Design at Brighton University she worked as a designer for a small creative company called iWant Design. In 2009 she left to set up her own freelance practice and pursue her passion for creating collage illustration that fuse vintage ephemera, texture, pattern and bold graphics. 

Ciara is also the founder of the ethical homeware brand Kith & Kin. With a focus on sustainability and community Kith & Kin produces bold and playful lifestyle products that encourage a new consumerism philosophy, advocating quality over quantity.


+44 (0)7871 326 252

Studio 3, 45 Lynmouth Rd
London, E17 8AG
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Selected Clients

Benefit Cosmetics
Bloomberg Business Week
Computer Arts
Fast Company
Fortnum & Maison
Glamour Magazine
The Guardian
Head & Shoulders
New Scientist
New Statesman
The New York Times
Nylon Magazine
Oprah Magazine
Readers Digest
Royal Mail

The Times
Tony & Guy
Vanity Fair
Wall Street Journal
Wired US

Press Examples

Papercraft 2 by DGV
Live Now by Eric Smith
3D Typography by Mark Batty Publisher
By Invitation Only by Victionary
Marie Claire 2012
Digital Arts Showcase
Papercraft by DGV
iDN Handy Issue
Tangible by DGV

YCN Book 08-09
Stereographics by Victionary
Computer Arts, Exposure
Talent, Digital Arts


CHI & Partners, London
Hear Me Roar by Skull & Heart
Papercut, The Proud Archivist
Pick Me Up, Somerset House
All That Remains, Brooklyn
Space Exhibition, Cardiff
Trekx by Anywalk Trainers
Papercut Graphic Design Festival Breda
Picture House, Strongrooms
Window Wonderland, Apostrophe
Story Motel, Owl & Lion Gallery
Into the Woods, Free Range
D&AD New Blood

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